Whether you develop core curriculum or state assessments, locating quality content is never easy. From finding dependable sources to avoiding the minefields surrounding permission, content searching is both an art and a science.


Please join Cricket Media’s Vice President of Education, Bonnie Dobkin, as she shares proven strategies to simplify your content search.


Learn how you can save time and get reliable results by:


  • Clearly defining your content needs
  • Identifying reliable content sources
  • Finding a faster path to rights and permissions


About the Speaker

Bonnie Dobkin, Vice President of Education for Cricket Media


Bonnie is an accomplished publishing professional who has spent over three decades in the educational publishing field, working to bring the best possible instructional materials to teachers and their students. At Cricket Media, Bonnie leads the Education team in developing or supporting the company’s many products, from its award-winning children’s magazines to its innovative Global Community.